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I was actually gonna upload this one when I finished my undergraduate thesis back in 2011. But since there was Mbee’s (back then: carelessboy’s) name BUT he’s still dating that girl I was holding myself from getting people into thinking there’s something going on between us (padahal iya ada yang going on, nafsu makannya ahaha *krik*).

SOOOOOO, back in 2014, and he is already mine, ya boleh lah ya disebut2 ya di marih.. Of course dengan penyesuaian dengan tidak menyebut nama2 tertentu, cause I’m keeping this page personal. Veeery personal so I’m not gonna put some names due to my apt respect to these people 🙂

Warren Buffett once said, “The happiest people do not necessarily have the best things, they simply appreciate the things they have.” So, first thing first, Alhamdulillaahi rabbil ‘aalamiin, I am so grateful and blessed for another chance to learn about life through these past two years, dear Allah SWT. It was indeed a long journey with lots of obstacles, but there are always good people to help me reach the finish line. To the ones who stay here no matter what, there is no better way to express my gratitude for your presence but a huge thank you and a space in these pages.

  • First of all, my family, for supporting me to go back to school and for letting me choose my own path. And a very special thank you to my mother, because what am I without you, mam?
  • My thesis supervisor, Dr. XXX for the chance to learn the core of social intervention from the real master, and for choosing me among the others since the beginning. Hands down and sungkem for the knowledge you shared and the seemingly endless patience towards my learning process.
  • Ibu XXX. for helping me earnestly and ensuring this program was running well. Through these short meetings I have learned a lot about loving a job and I have never met a teacher so dedicated and full of passion for her job like you.
  • AGENT. We rarely see each other but thank you for the almost 5 years of craziness provided through technology that made the distance seems nothing.
  • My one and only Insos Ranger 2012: Teh Mola, Teh Miaw, Mba Peni, Mas Ferdy, and Abu Hudan. You guys and a pack of basreng pedes are my only reasons to wake up early on Saturday mornings!
  • Incredibly smart people from whom I learned about life and how to have positive attitudes toward diversity beyond the theories I put into this thesis: Arie Suciyana, Sagita Sun Servanda Sitanggang, Kenny Immanuel, Nadya Karinadewi, and Gunawan Wibisono.
  • Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya Lie, my brutal shots of truth, for the invisible but always there supports and for having some faith in me since day one even when I’m doubting my own self. Thank you for always being one phone call away from me, no matter how far distance is separating us.
  • Sony Setyanto Wibowo, my very own MacGyver, whose patience and love toward this silly girl is undoubtable. Thank you for bringing me up when I am down, and for bringing me down to earth when I am flying too high. Thank you for balancing my life and making it so much more enjoyable. I am so grateful to have you.
  • Last but never be the least, Bravo SummerWave, who can never speak human words but has given me so many insights about this life. Thank you for becoming my constant reminder to live this life to its absolute fullest, to smile and make sweet lemonade when life hits with eath-sized lemons, to stay positive, and most importantly, to be true to my heart. I love you my four-legged kiddo.

After all, this thesis serves as an achievement for me, though it is remarkably far from perfect. I personally hope that this small research I have done would bring benefits for those who are eager to learn more about this topic.

Jakarta, Juli 2014

As for my little guy, I put his name in a special page. 🙂

Untuk Frosty WinterFall,

Malaikat kecilku di rainbow bridge.

Your jolly happy soul is my spirit to finish this thesis.

I miss you, and I wish you were here.



This time, yang nungguin cuma bapak Mbee, memang gue pun maunya begitu. Hahaha..
Dian dateng pas gue baru selesai, and Icha as always just a phone call away. The rest, as always via whatsapp yaaa hail technology!! :p

Anyway, begitu aja rasanya sidang tesis. I thought it’s gonna be worse and scarier and everything. Mostly karena pilihan penguji gue yang katanya horor. Bah, gue mending jadi perempuan di sarang penyamun daripada diuji sama yang ahli tapi bawel.

Revisinya segudang, dan sungguh aku penasaran berapa nilainya. Kata si babe dia minta nilai bagus, tapi aku ga tau soalnya si babe tipe orang yang rada irit nilai tapi ga pernah irit ngasih ilmu. And honestly aku mending dikasih ilmu banyak lah apalagi dr orang yg udah pengalaman kagak beliau.

Habis sidang rasanya sedih, sejujurnya. There goes my immunity and excuse kalo ditanya kapan nikah. Sekarang garuk2 kepala kalo ditanya kapan nikah, udah abis alesan gue. Jadi mari kerja keras nabung untuk memulai hidup baru yang lebih baik. Eheu. Wouldn’t it be nice starting a new life just the three of us? Can’t wait to wake up and sleep next to Bravo every day. *lalu dipegat Mbee*

2 tahun gak berasa. It feels like yesterday gue ujian masuk S2, sekarang udah lulus aja. Dan aku pun galau karir lagi. Pengen kerja tapi gak tau mau kerja di bidang apa. Yang jelas sih sekarang nyari kerja tentunya yang waktunya bisa fleksibel supaya masih punya waktu sama abang. Tetep, aku ga mau kerja lembur2 dan Mbee juga ga ngasih gue buat lembur2an.

Oh well, sebelum nyari kerja mari lah kita mengerjakan revisi demi masa depan yang lebih cerah. And welcome my new name, sure you won’t appear in my wedding invitation karena aku ga suka naroh2 gelar di tempat selain CV. Hihi..

Till then, people.. 🙂

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exactly one year ago..

I left a company with a heavy heart. Not only because it was my first job after I graduated from university, but there I learned a lot about what does it feel to work at, let’s say, heaven. Younger me, recently graduated, sky high salary, chances to meet new people and go to new places. What a luxury life I had back then.

Exactly one year ago, I left this company and my bestfriend there. Sure they threw a farewell dinner for me, which I really appreciate. We enjoyed our last evening together as a team, and deep inside my heart I promised to live my life as happy as that day.

Well, sometimes the desire to come back there crosses my mind, especially when I had a bad day at work. But then I realized, if I just stayed there, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today. I weighed the pros and cons of staying, and no matter how much money I could earn there, still, the cons of staying are too many to be ignored.

Let’s take the simplest example of the cons. If back then I chose to stay and move to another department, I probably wouldn’t be able to be there for Mbee during his skripshitting days, and moreover I probably wouldn’t be able to come to his comprehension exam. I probably would never meet Bravo, my current ultimate mood booster. Importantly, if I stayed, I wouldn’t be a postgraduate student now. :’)

But still, no matter how much I love who I am today, I am grateful for the chance to learn a lot when I was there. For the friendship that feels like a family. For the laughter, the so-called vacation, the chance to work next to my bestfriend, the quality time we had. I am praaaaaising the Lord for letting me be there for a while.

my lovely chatty annoyingly amazing girls :')

my lovely chatty annoyingly amazing girls :’)

Thank you, System and Process Department. I love you, and I miss you much. Kecupbasahh dari si anak badung. :’)

le bestfriend is coming to town!

Dari pagi gue nyanyi2 mulu,

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry..
Better not pout, I’m telling you why..
Le bestfriend is comiiing to toooown..

Iyaaaaaa.. Icha hari ini pulang.. ETA-nya jam setengah 4-an WIB. Ihiy! I really can’t wait to see her again. I miss her too much!

Neneng kampret, kalo tau elu bakal balik Indo for good, ngapain kita nangis2 berjamaah pas elu mau cabs sih?? Mwahahahaha..

Miss youuuuuu! Ramen + sushi party ya kitaaaa.. *lirik Mbee & Nonod*

gadiskuuuuuuuwwwwhhhhhh! *toyor gemes*

*lagi ngomongin sepatu crocs*

X: Makanya beli crocs second di mba *beep!*

Y: Kok second sih cha? KW kali ah! =))

Y: Eh eh eh, aku mau ngerepotin kamu boleh tak? Ada starbucks gak di deket tempat kamu?

X: Ada sih, di city. Mau titip tumblr? Tunggu xmas yaaa :p skrg jelek2.. Kali2 edisi natal bagusan hahaha

Y: Hihihi iyaaa mau nitip ituuuu.. :3 Ketebak ya? Aku jd malu.. :”>

Y: Ini drama amat seeeh ibu2 hamil?? =))

X: Drama queen. Ahahahahaha.. Tp sayang kan? *battling eyelashes*

Y: Sayang bangeeeeett sampe pengen nepok2in pantattt ❤

X: #kabur hahahahahahaha

Y: *kejar* bu hamil ga boleh lari2. hihihi

X: Oh, bisa diatur itu. Kita kejar2annya slow motion aja. #setel lagi india hahahahahah

X: Gue harus beli garem nih #lupa pisan

Y: Sana beli duluuuu! Jangan beli kosher salt cha, mahal beneeerrr X_X

X: Kosher salt apa? Kosmetik baru?

Y: -_-”

Well, I guess you say what can make me feel this way.. My giiiirl.. Talkin’ bout myyyy giiiirl.. ♥ *nari2*


A single phone call from Australia has made my day.

Thanks to Skype. Ya meskipun ada jeda beberapa detik tiap ngomong, tapi lumayan lah. Untung voice call. Kalo video call mah jaminan mutu bikin tandingannya Apple Maps ini sih. =)))))))

Sesi gosipnya biasa lah ngebahas makanan, gosip2 terkini, sampe cuaca. Conversation ended up due to ibu2 rumah tangga itu mau jemur kolor. –”

Ah, I really miss you neeeeng.. Thanks for the call anyway.. Take care be safe there. Pulang2 kita makan di Gung Hwa yang di Blok M ya.. Hihihihihi.. *abis ini disambit kolor kali gue*