hello, me.

Happy 26th birthday, dear self. Hope you’ll never afraid of getting old as your soul remains forever young. Hope the life will be flowing like the river to the sea. Hope the future will be bright like the shining stars. Hope you’ll always get what you’re wishing for in a good way. And hope you’ll always be surrounded by happiness and positivity. Life will always be bumpy, but a positive mind will make it seem smooth. A wagging tail helps to clear the obstacles, and a wet nose will cool your hot head down.

Embrace whatever life is giving you, because if it gives you lemon, you can always squeeze it and add some hot water. The world provides many doors to be opened, just don’t stay on one door and wait for it to be opened when it’s still locked.

Last but not least, be happy and never take the boys’ presence for granted. Enjoy your day.. 🙂


lucky number seven.

September 7th 2014

Dear Bravo SummerWave,

It’s been two years since the day me and your papaw brought some biscuits just to get to know you. You totally stole our hearts since then with your big round eyes and crooked smiles. I can even remember you smelled like shit, yet I had no hesitation to touch you *still a bit afraid though*.

The past two years probably were the days I prayed so hard to my dear God up there. I prayed so you would be mine, so me and your papaw can give you a decent and even better life. And now I can see that you had almost everything you were lacking of in the first five years of your life. Not only you forget what does it feel to be hungry, you also have a car *an early birthday gift from Oma*, two sets of bowls, delicious treats, fresh beef bones anytime you want, and most importantly, a family who loves you dearly and a home. Yes baby, a home. A thing that was strange to you, but now has become a part of your life.

Dear Bravo,

Thank you for the life lessons you gave me and your papaw. You really are one precious dog who taught us to live and love more than we knew before. And because of your presence I know that I’m able to love someone much more than I love my own self. Well actually, we don’t know who had rescued whom, because it’s like me and your papaw has found a missing puzzle piece. You just fit in here, in our heart and our life.

My lovely boy, thank you for being here during the sunshine and the storm, laughing with us in each happy days and weep with us when the sadness seems unbearable. You might not born to be a guard dog, but you always take care of us in a way human beings can’t do. You never asked what’s wrong, all you do is telling us to smile and play, because that’s what we have to do in life, right? Moving on.

Dear Bravo,

Thank you for being the best friend mommy and papaw could ever have. Thank you for never asking how much money we have, what is our job, what are our academic achievements, etc. Thank you for accepting us the way we are and loving us probably more than we do to you. You are still *and will always be* the best thing ever happened in our life. No, not getting my Master’s Degree, not getting a job, probably not getting married.

Happy seventh birthday, Bravo SummerWave. I pray hard so you could just be yourself, your cheerful self. Because it’s your smile I’m longing for each and every minute of my day. Please don’t change a thing from yourself, because I knew I loved you the moment I saw you, and I fell in love with that big sloppy dog who trusted me from the first time we met. You’re still gonna be the most irritating pain-in-the-ass for me and your papaw, but believe me, life is suck without you. I even forget how I survived my life before you came into my life.

Once again, happy birthday Bravo SummerWave, Apohh, Abang, Bangapohh, Ahboy, Brapohh, Cebong, Anakecebong, Ucum, Cumcum, Ucumerwef, Cuprut, Kampret, Icikiwir. Live long and prosperous!

ailafyu bocah yang gak bisa telentang kalo gak dipegangin.. :*

ailafyu bocah yang gak bisa telentang kalo gak dipegangin.. :*

Lots of love,


another birthday. it’s my sister’s this time!

Duileeeeh blog gue isinya ulang taun mulu ini jadinya. Hahaha.. maapkeuuun, ini lagi dikejar deadline makanya cuma bisa cerita singkat2 doang.

Minggu lalu mbak Arie ulang taun yang ke…… titik titik titik. Lahaciak! :p
Jadi aku sama Mbee gelagepan cari kado murmer tapi unyu buat doski. End up beli celengan supaya bisa nabung buat nonton X Japan dan beli sumpit plastik yang panjang jadi bisa buat makan mie atau pasta.

Terus surprise-in malem2 pake donat berlilin 4 biji yang gagal karena Mbee berisik abis di lantai bawah jadi letauan deh sama yang ulang tahun. Ahahaha.. abis itu makan mie tek2 dengan alesan ulang taun kudu makan mie biar panjang umur. Hidup Chinese family! ♥

Keriaan ulang tahun dilanjutkan dengan nyushi sampe bego di tak lain tak bukan…….. Sushi Tei! Emoh aku di tempat lain kecuali Umaku yang enak banget salmon salad-nya ituh. Apohh juga dapet traktiran dari auntie berupa sekaleng wet food super enak campur Drontal 3 biji yang sukses bikin dompet emaknya kempes. Jangan cacingan ya anak gendut! Puhhh!

Anyway, once again happy birthday my one and only sister.
I grew up without having one, and I always wonder how does it feel to have one.
Now that I have you, I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.
I’m wishing you a super happier life ahead, as I know happiness comes to those who are patient enough to wait for it.
I’m wishing you to have someone by your side to love, to annoy, and to walk hand in hand through all the obstacles.
I’m wishing you every good thing I could think of in my prayer.
I love you, big sister. Always have, always do, always will.

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Year 6. Growing older obviously

Jakarta, September 7th 2013


Dear Bravo,


I never know when is your exact birthday. But let’s just think that it is today, since last year it was the first day we know each other.

Since that day, we changed each other a lot. Me and your papa’s life are somewhat happier and colorful. We always want to go home early just to play with you, or just cuddling with you till it’s time to bed. To be honest, me and your papa are not rich people. We do strive hard to work and pay our bills. But since you came into our life, it’s like miracle happened. Bener juga kata orang2, anak itu punya rejekinya masing2. Karena kalau dihitung di atas kertas, boro2 beliin kamu dog food and dog treats. We can’t even pay our monthly living costs. :’)

Mommy masih inget pertama liat kamu, you were so skinny and your fur’s not shiny. You didn’t even bark and rarely understand simple commands. Look at you today, baby. Not only you grew bigger and chubbier. You bark a lot, you howl simple words like a real Siberian Husky. You can even stand on your hind legs, knows how to ask for food politely, dan bahkan kamu bisa salim plus jawab “kuuuuuum” ketika mommy pulang dan bilang “assalaamu’alaikum”. Anjing macam apa kamu bisa salamlekum segala?? Even though you do naughty stuffs sometimes, you still made us a very happy and proud pa(w)rent.

Today, as you turn 6 years old, mommy cuma bisa kasih doa yang banyak sama kamu. Semoga kamu sehat selalu, diberi kesempatan sama Tuhan untuk hidup sepanjangnya batas usia kamu, dan semoga kamu cepet selesai masa kembali jadi puppy-nya. As much as I love letting you sleep on my knees and thighs, you.. Are.. HEAVY!! >

So happy birthday my sunshine, my naughty boy, my kecebong gendut. Thank you for being a very nice kid for me and your papa. Thank you for teaching us how to be a pa(w)rent. Thank you for understanding and forgiving our mistakes since there’s no pa(w)renting school. Me and your papa can never say enough thank you to express our gratitude for your presence in our life. You really are one special dog and you are my dream came true. Thank you so much for making me a mommy to you, and for being there in every laugh and tears I shared to you.

Once again, happy birthday dear Bravo. You are the best anniversary gift I ever had, as you are probably the best thing ever happened in my life. Thank you for your unconditional love to me and your papa. We love you to the moon and back, and forever you have a special place in our heart.


P.S. Don’t expect your papa to write this kind of emotional birthday letter. He will say these kind of words with his own way. Above it all, it isn’t words that bind us together. Cause we always say it best when we say nothing at all.



Your Mommy.

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Seputar September

Hadeeeeuuuuuhh ini berapa lama gue gak blogging? *sapu2*

Gak berasa September udah mau abis aja dan gue udah kudu mikirin topik tesis. I got a few topics dan tinggal ditelaah mana yang paling do-able. Tapi di kehidupan nyata sih sudah mulai mengintervensi orang2 di sekitar untuk ga takut sama Apohh. Beberapa hari ini malah ada cucu tetangga yg suka main ke rumah. Tadinya dki takut banget sama Apohh tapi sekarang udah berani pegang. Belajar juga bahwa ngerawat anjing tuh butuh tanggung jawab besar endesbre endesbre. Intinya ya bu dosen pak dosen, eike biar kata interpensih kacangan lepelnya tapi mengikuti kata hati! Bweeek!

Nah, balik lagi ke urusan bulan September. Anak kambingku udah ulang tahuuuun! Getting older, better, and wiser ya nak.. Poto Apohh usaha tiup lilin akan menyusul. Pokoknya bocah happy, mak bapake gembira ria. 😀

Lalu kemarin itu.. hihihi.. akuh dua tahunan sama bapak Mbee. We had a date seharian di Gading. Mulai dari nyari2 service center Samsung karena tabletnya mendadak mati tapi di service center nyala sendiri. Goib banget emang. Terus lanjut nonton dan fotobox sebagai agenda wajib anniversary di MKG lalu makan pempek di pinggir jalan sesuai rekomendasi Nonod Suronod dan Maliskahh selaku penghuni Gading. Pulang2 ngobrol banyak sambil ngeineken dan nyemirnop. Hati hangat dan teeernyaaataaaa akuuu makiin ciintaaaa sama krim ekooonooomiiiii #eh

Ah ya pokoknya begitulah kira2 rekap bulan ini. Got to go back to those e-books and journals. :*

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heaven on earth at Shelter Cisalak

Udah dari lama gue sama Mbee punya rencana buat ngerayain ulang tahun Bravo. Well actually, we don’t know his real birthday, tapi anggap saja lah ketika gue dan Mbee mulai main sama dia setahun yang lalu, itu adalah tanggal ulang tahunnya. So, this wiggly boy will turn 6 years old this September 7th! Yaaaayyyy~

muka jiyek :D

muka jiyek 😀

Dari jauh2 hari gue udah bilang ke Bravo, bahwa he will have his birthday soon and he will turn 6 years old *doi ngerti kok apa itu birthday, karena pas gue ulang tahun dia awu2in gue dan kasih gue ciuman sebasah pel2an :D*, terus kalo lagi ulang tahun, biasanya dapet hadiah tapi harus berbagi juga sama yang berkekurangan. Nah, sasaran berbagi Apohh tahun ini adalah shelternya oom @doniiblis yang menurut sensus terakhir berisikan 66 uguk2 unyu dengan berbagai latar belakang. Kalo ngintip2 instagram dan twitter-nya sih gemes luar biasa sekaligus ngenes tau gimana ceritanya mereka bisa terdampar di shelter itu.

Akhirnya gue sounding ke Bravo, bahwa untuk ulang tahunnya sekarang, gue dan Mbee mau bagi2 rejeki di shelter. Udah kasih liat foto temen2nya di shelter juga hasil ngintip dari instagram dan sing mbaurekso Apohh Marcebong setuju. Oke sip. Sempet kepikiran beberapa alternatif, akhirnya setelah tanya2 juga sama oom Doni, kami memutuskan buat beli dog treats segambreng di………………………. ACE HARDWARE. 😆

Gue kemarin itu beli Tasty Bone-nya Pedigree sekitar 10 bungkus sama 2 bungkus dendeng sejenis meat jerky *lupa merknya, tapi warna bungkusnya biru, masing2 bungkus isinya 500 gram*. Last minute mamaleley mau ikutan ngasih jadi kubelikan bola kasti dan Dentastix buat Puppies dan Meat Jerky. Tak lupa beli cemilan juga buat mas2 yang di sana, cusss lah gue sama Mbee ke shelter hari Rabu kemarin.

Begitu masuk pagar, langsung disambut gonggongan uguk2 dan ada 2 yang langsung melipir2 ngendus nempel2 kantong Ace Hardware segede babon yang gue bawa. Salah satunya baru melahirkan sebulan yang lalu dan puppies-nya sumpah lucu luar biasa!! Shelter kemarin sepi, cuma ada mas Mbi dan ada Ajeng yang lagi main di situ. Ngobrol2 sebentar sama mereka *yang mana pake disuguh minum segala padahal kita mah kagak mau ngerepotin mereka*, Mbee buka dendeng dan gue buka biskuit. Ada 1 ya, gue lupa namanya siapa, ini ngedeprooooookkkk aja di sebelah gue nongkrongin tangan gue buka treats. Kalo gue ngasih ke yang lain, langsung ngegereng protes yang berakibat tentu saja gue unyel2 idungnya. GEMESSS!

Lucu banget lah pokoknya uguk2 ini. Ada yang doyan jerky tapi gak doyan biskuit, and vice versa. Ada yang nyurukkin kepalanya ke dalem kantong Tasty Bone yang mengakibatkan dia juga gak bisa ngambil dari situ karena gak cukup buat buka mulutnya. 😆 Dan tersebutlah yang mulia Obott yang awalnya kalem namun kemudian tiba2 nyelomot jerky dengan santainya dari tangan Mbee lalu kemudian berlalu seolah tanpa dosa. Bener2 kelakuan yang mulia ini nggemesinnya pol2an. Kalo tidur mau diuwek2 kayak apa juga sama Mbee dia dieeeeemmm aja. Terus gak bisa liat cewe nganggur dan pas gue lagi jongkok tiba2 dia naruh dagunya di paha gue and melet2 minta disayang. Aduh Obottuariiiiii geremet-able banget sih kamuuuuhhh!!

Di sana ada 2 bocah yang pas gue dateng gayanya malu2 kambing tapi tau2 pas gue duduk mereka ngedempetin gue kanan kiri, namanya Odin sama Snowy. Gue dari awal dateng entah kenapa tertarik banget sama Snowy, mungkin karena mirip banget sama Bravo ya, gue jadi kebayang waktu kecil pasti Bravo kayak gini bentuknya. Even the way she smiles, miriiiiippp banget sama Bravo. Snowy kayaknya suka bau Bravo, karena dia dari awal suka ngendus2 tas gue dan bahkan bobo di atas tas gue semacam ngejagain gitu ketika gue lagi ikutan mandiin uguk2 yang siang itu lagi jatah mandi pake medicated shampoo. Harusnya dia ikut mandi juga, tapi karena sempet hujan, bubar jalan deh acara mandinya, baru dapet 6 atau 7 uguk gitu ya padahal..

too cute! *tiyum*

too cute! *tiyum*

Agak siangan, sebagian bocah mulai tidur2an, ada juga yang main bola dan rough and tumble play sama Mbee. Gue ngapain? Gue duduk2 manis di sebelah Daila di dipan, a very beautiful 3-legged Golden Retriever. Sumpah ini anak energik pol, padahal waktu lihat videonya pas dia belajar jalan setelah diamputasi mah ngenes pisan. Sekarang udah bisa berdiri numpu kaki belakang buat minta treats. Kemarin karena anak ini nyengir malu2 ngeliatin kantong biskuit gue tapi ogah rebutan sama yang lain, jadi deh gue yang datengin dia buat nyuapin biskuit. Daila udah kurus sih sekarang, didietin sama oom Doni, biar gak terlalu berat beban kaki depannya.

Intermezzo: Akuuu jadi kangen Siti Enjinahh-mu Chaaaaaa! Enjihh pasti seneng deh main ke sini.. :’)

Nah pas lagi duduk2 sambil ngelus2 buntut Daila *kalo ini Brapohh maka niscaya tangan gue udah diselomot abis2an :D*, tau2 Odin ngedeprok di paha kiri gue. Dilanjut Snowy mepet2 di paha kanan. Odin tau aja ada bantal empuk *baca: paha gue*, maka dia berusaha menguasainya sendirian dan akhirnya Snowy yang manyun karena dapet paha cuma secimit buat disenderin *pukpuk anak cantik* Gue tarik aja ke perut gue dan bobo manis lah dia di situ. Pas Mbee ngajak pulang, lhaaaa malah playdead ini berdua di pangkuan gue. Aaaahhhh aku juga nggak mau pulaaaanggg tapi aku punya anak kambing posesip di rumaaaahhh :’D

duo manja :')

duo manja :’)

Intinya, though it was not a real birthday celebration, but me and Mbee feel blessed to meet them. Mana lah pake ngerepotin oom Doni dan mas2 yang lain karena mendadak mobil eike si Xenoir gak mau nyala. Bahkan dicolok kuncinya pun gak ada kontak apa2. Gak mau pulang juga ya nak? Betah ya di shelter? :’)

Pas sampe rumah, langsung cerita2 sama bocah kicik yang nyelomot gemes layar handphone gue pas liat foto Snowy. Berasa liat dirinya sendiri pas masih kecil kali ya. Hihihi.. Next time kalo sosialisasi sama anjing lainnya udah agak mendingan mau ah ajak Bravo ke shelter, biar ketemu temen2nya langsung, gak cuma via foto kayak selama ini ngintip dari instagramnya oom Doni. Hihihi..

Dan kemarin karena anak kicikku sudah behave sangat manis dengan ngijinin mommy dan papanya main sama anjing lain, maka dia dapet reward tulang2an yang dia kunyah2 sampe capek dan minta cereal karena laper. Hoahahahahaha saingan nih nafsu makannya sama yang mulia Obott Surobott! =))

Lesson learned: bahagia itu sederhana. Sesederhana liat bocah2 di shelter lahap makan snack, sesederhana ditemplokin duo manja Odin sama Snowy *yang mana setahun yang lalu gue masih segitu takutnya sama anjing*, dan sesederhana liat Bravo seneng dan bangga sama dirinya sendiri karena mau belajar berbagi sama his less fortunate friends. Bener2 surga dunia banget shelternya oom Doni, I’m more than happy to be there, and to come back again real soon.. :’)