hello, me.

Happy 26th birthday, dear self. Hope you’ll never afraid of getting old as your soul remains forever young. Hope the life will be flowing like the river to the sea. Hope the future will be bright like the shining stars. Hope you’ll always get what you’re wishing for in a good way. And hope you’ll always be surrounded by happiness and positivity. Life will always be bumpy, but a positive mind will make it seem smooth. A wagging tail helps to clear the obstacles, and a wet nose will cool your hot head down.

Embrace whatever life is giving you, because if it gives you lemon, you can always squeeze it and add some hot water. The world provides many doors to be opened, just don’t stay on one door and wait for it to be opened when it’s still locked.

Last but not least, be happy and never take the boys’ presence for granted. Enjoy your day.. 🙂


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