commitment in pets

It’s been 3 days since the last time I saw Bravo. He’s boarded in Rumah Terraria since Sunday cause me and Mbee (and his family) will be going on a Bali road trip. He already went since Monday cause he has to pick up his mom in Kediri. Me? I’m trapped in the last days of my training session in my new office (yes, I got another job, people!) and I’ll be going tomorrow afternoon by plane.

Actually I’d like to scream out loud “MAMAK RINDU KALI SAMA KAMU, BANG!!”

Though this morning pak Tajri sent Mbee some photos of him playing in the playground, but still, I miss him like crazy. šŸ˜¦

My point is, how could some people have pets, raise s/he from the baby days and throw them away when they are old? How could they be so rude and heartless? I mean like, Bravo is not that young anymore, he started toĀ change into an old man. So when we decided to go on this trip, we didĀ prioritize his comfort during ourĀ trip.

Oh well those people, don’t they think of their pets before they throw them out the street? Have they ever wondered how the pet that was once the winner of their heart would survive in the street? Have they ever put themselves in these pets’ shoes? Unable to entertain the owner anymore so they deserves the rough life? I think it’s the same as working in a company. You no longer performing and slowly become the burden, then the boss could throw you away. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?

I myself, though I know that Bravo is in good hands, am still wondering has he eaten his meal, how is he doing there, have I crossed his mind, is he happy, and so on. I couldn’t put myself in those people’s shoes regarding throwing old pets matters.

It is cute, cool, and maybe trendy to buy or adopt a puppy/kitten. But it costs us more responsibility when they turned older. Because when they’re old, they need us more than they did when they’re just a tiny baby. All this year Bravo has been in and out of the vet.Ā Despite theĀ bills we have to pay, we are glad to know that he’s still with us. I couldn’t imagine myself throw him away in the streets.Ā Throwing him away would never ever existed in my dictionary. What existed is my urge to hug him, cuddle him, and cherish him the whole day.

Before closing this post, I’d like to remind you that please do consider your lifestyle and the pets’ comfort before getting one. Because pets may be only a tiny part of your life, but you will always beĀ their whole life.

Happy wednesday šŸ™‚


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