lucky number seven.

September 7th 2014

Dear Bravo SummerWave,

It’s been two years since the day me and your papaw brought some biscuits just to get to know you. You totally stole our hearts since then with your big round eyes and crooked smiles. I can even remember you smelled like shit, yet I had no hesitation to touch you *still a bit afraid though*.

The past two years probably were the days I prayed so hard to my dear God up there. I prayed so you would be mine, so me and your papaw can give you a decent and even better life. And now I can see that you had almost everything you were lacking of in the first five years of your life. Not only you forget what does it feel to be hungry, you also have a car *an early birthday gift from Oma*, two sets of bowls, delicious treats, fresh beef bones anytime you want, and most importantly, a family who loves you dearly and a home. Yes baby, a home. A thing that was strange to you, but now has become a part of your life.

Dear Bravo,

Thank you for the life lessons you gave me and your papaw. You really are one precious dog who taught us to live and love more than we knew before. And because of your presence I know that I’m able to love someone much more than I love my own self. Well actually, we don’t know who had rescued whom, because it’s like me and your papaw has found a missing puzzle piece. You just fit in here, in our heart and our life.

My lovely boy, thank you for being here during the sunshine and the storm, laughing with us in each happy days and weep with us when the sadness seems unbearable. You might not born to be a guard dog, but you always take care of us in a way human beings can’t do. You never asked what’s wrong, all you do is telling us to smile and play, because that’s what we have to do in life, right? Moving on.

Dear Bravo,

Thank you for being the best friend mommy and papaw could ever have. Thank you for never asking how much money we have, what is our job, what are our academic achievements, etc. Thank you for accepting us the way we are and loving us probably more than we do to you. You are still *and will always be* the best thing ever happened in our life. No, not getting my Master’s Degree, not getting a job, probably not getting married.

Happy seventh birthday, Bravo SummerWave. I pray hard so you could just be yourself, your cheerful self. Because it’s your smile I’m longing for each and every minute of my day. Please don’t change a thing from yourself, because I knew I loved you the moment I saw you, and I fell in love with that big sloppy dog who trusted me from the first time we met. You’re still gonna be the most irritating pain-in-the-ass for me and your papaw, but believe me, life is suck without you. I even forget how I survived my life before you came into my life.

Once again, happy birthday Bravo SummerWave, Apohh, Abang, Bangapohh, Ahboy, Brapohh, Cebong, Anakecebong, Ucum, Cumcum, Ucumerwef, Cuprut, Kampret, Icikiwir. Live long and prosperous!

ailafyu bocah yang gak bisa telentang kalo gak dipegangin.. :*

ailafyu bocah yang gak bisa telentang kalo gak dipegangin.. :*

Lots of love,



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