growing from three to four

Okay, now we’re officially a family of four! Ahem. Minus the marriage title and the real birth certificates, of course! *chuckles*

The new addition to our family is a mongrel puppy a.k.a. anjing kampung. He is the laziest chattiest and the most annoying puppy ever. He sleeps all the time, he yelp all the time *and mostly because his size is just the same as Bravo’s head, you know what kind of accident could happen..* and seek attention trying to rival his big brother. The only time I feel like heaven is when they are asleep. Phew!

But anyway, that’s the good news for now, gotta get back to reality. Big boy is sleeping next to me, refusing his breakfast and treats. Little boy already had his breakfast, munched a small portion of his lunch, and now is wandering around the room. Me? Having my me time for a while by typing this blog. Little boy will fall asleep soon, I am sure, so I feel safe letting him out of my supervision for a while. Here comes cuddling time with the big boy. Bye! 😀

meet Frosty :)

meet Frosty 🙂


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