day 13: the three confessions

Okay, so I skipped day 13’s task because I was so tired yesterday. Semacam jet lag gitu deh. Damn you UTS. Pergi kagak, jet lag iye.

Confession 1

I’m an introvert, and I found myself feeling insecure when I’m surrounded by people. I don’t like parties, because I would feel uncomfortable there. Since I graduated, it’s getting worse actually because my friends are all busy with their life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. But being solitary kills me slowly. Thank God I found these people now. They’re different with my other friends, but they do make me feel comfortable without ever asking me anything. Kepo batas wajar. And I’m glad. :’)

Confession 2

I have a secret plan *which is no longer a secret since I wrote it here* to run away from Jakarta. I do hope to live somewhere, away from my relatives. Creating new identity perhaps? *chuckles* nah I’m just kidding. But I do seriously want to get away from my relatives because most of them are annoying and top commentators of everyone’s life. It’s tiring to face them on family meetings.  And back to confession number 1, I hate parties. So, 1 plus 1 equals 2..

Confession 3

I am afraid Bravo would leave me soon to the rainbow bridge. This is me being paranoid, but I do afraid. Really afraid.. 😦

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