2nd year

It’s been 2 years! Wow. I still can’t believe this, actually. :’)
We started from scratches and pieces of broken hearts, putting glue and put the pieces back each day.
Sometimes we found out the glue isn’t that sticky the piece of our heart just wandered away from where we put it the last time.
And there goes the process again to put the piece back in the right place.

The second year is hard, I admit. More pieces of heart were missing, leaving us questioning about the glue.
We kept searching for those little pieces. Some are found and kept in a temporary safe container until we find the right glue to put it back.
In the mean time, some pieces are still missing I thought about hiring a bounty hunter to find them for us.
But hey, isn’t playing hide and seek interesting when we were young?
Let’s do it again for the sake of our future.
They say scars are reminder of what happened in our past.
Reminder of the wars we’ve won, or the ones we’ve lost.
Scars will always be there as a little reminder, unless we decided to have plastic surgery to make it disappear.
But if we do, poof! There goes our lessons learned and memories of striving hard to live one more.
Each mistakes we made gave scars to the other.
As we’ve been together for this long, I stopped counting each scars I had because of you.
For I’m longing to have a better life with you in the future.
But one thing I’d never stop counting is the days I woke up with tears streaming down my face happily.
Happy that we’ve found each other. Happy that we have each other.

2 years doesn’t mean I’m the one who understands you most.
Most of the time, the closest person to you is the one who hurts you the most.
I apologized you for this, for I’m still learning how to love you correctly.
For I hope I could learn from my mistakes today and do things better tomorrow.
Because it’s your name I want to carve in my heart on top of those traces of broken heart.
Because it’s your last name I want to add on my name.
And because it’s your simple peekaboo I want to see when the world turned me down.

Happy 2nd anniversary, my dear.
I hope we last longer than those china ware our grandmas have in their kitchen cupboard.
And I hope we would still say I love you verbally everyday in any pronunciation we find it cute.
Because I woof you. And that’s all I know..

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