exactly one year ago..

I left a company with a heavy heart. Not only because it was my first job after I graduated from university, but there I learned a lot about what does it feel to work at, let’s say, heaven. Younger me, recently graduated, sky high salary, chances to meet new people and go to new places. What a luxury life I had back then.

Exactly one year ago, I left this company and my bestfriend there. Sure they threw a farewell dinner for me, which I really appreciate. We enjoyed our last evening together as a team, and deep inside my heart I promised to live my life as happy as that day.

Well, sometimes the desire to come back there crosses my mind, especially when I had a bad day at work. But then I realized, if I just stayed there, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today. I weighed the pros and cons of staying, and no matter how much money I could earn there, still, the cons of staying are too many to be ignored.

Let’s take the simplest example of the cons. If back then I chose to stay and move to another department, I probably wouldn’t be able to be there for Mbee during his skripshitting days, and moreover I probably wouldn’t be able to come to his comprehension exam. I probably would never meet Bravo, my current ultimate mood booster. Importantly, if I stayed, I wouldn’t be a postgraduate student now. :’)

But still, no matter how much I love who I am today, I am grateful for the chance to learn a lot when I was there. For the friendship that feels like a family. For the laughter, the so-called vacation, the chance to work next to my bestfriend, the quality time we had. I am praaaaaising the Lord for letting me be there for a while.

my lovely chatty annoyingly amazing girls :')

my lovely chatty annoyingly amazing girls :’)

Thank you, System and Process Department. I love you, and I miss you much. Kecupbasahh dari si anak badung. :’)


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