RIP Coklat, the sweetest alpha female

Coklat is a female mongrel living in my campus. Some people called her Choco, Chocola, anything. I don’t know how old is she, but all I know she lives there since 2008.

Almost never bark, never chase people, never bite people, never lick or harm people. If Bravo is considered calm, Coklat is……. silent. At first, of course I feel afraid of her presence since she’s quite big for a mongrel. But hell, she’s sexy! Her body is slim even after giving birth to some puppies. And when the time comes, many, I repeat, MANY male mongrels simply come to Kanlam and yeah.. they.. try.. to f*ck her..

Bravo is forever my first love, but Coklat is my first crush. I remember on one Sunday I went to campus with my friends to prepare our comprehension exam and Coklat just stand there and really hungry. I quickly went to Alfamart and bought her the ready-to-eat sausage. Coklat refused at first, but she managed to eat because she’s too hungry. Once I gave her quail eggs and she chased it around Kanlam because I forgot to slice the eggs.. :’)

The last few months, Coklat always feel afraid when she saw me and Mbee. Because we love to chase her around Kanlam. Not to harm her, just to have some fun and enjoy her annoyed but afraid face. I know we’re annoying. :’D

Yesterday, Mbee told me that the security found her dead with bubbly foam around her mouth. I was shocked but since the mood was still happy, I didn’t feel anything. But when the night comes, and Opick started tweeting about her, I cried like a baby. Reading people’s tweets about her also heartbreaking. Each of us has our own memories of Coklat. And it broke our heart that she had to die this way. Even my mother who has never met Coklat also feels sad about this.. 😥 See Coklat, you are loved. So much.. 😥

Rest in peace, Coklat. You will be missed. Be happy now crossing the rainbow bridge. You’re no longer hungry, no longer in pain. Rest in peace, girl.. We miss you already. I miss you already.. 😥


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