the first year :)

Apparently, it’s been a year.

We finally managed to survive our first year without major fights, no break ups, and not even a ‘break’ though our days might have been harsh enough in making our bloodpressure getting high and higher.

According to Erikson’s theory, the first year is still in Trust VS Mistrust phase. Well, we’re proud enough to announce that we’re feeling secure toward each other. What happened in the past stayed there and we’re moving on with improvements here and there.

Once, I asked Mbee whether we had changed or not since we started this relationship. What I mean here is, some changes that made us feel like strangers toward each other. He said nothing has changed. I’m still that clumsy and childish girl when he’s around, and he’s still that careless and over-protective man. Sometimes he got me thinking that I’m dating a ‘bapak-bapak’ instead of a 27 years old man. 😀

Dear Pacarcina *I feel awkward calling him in his real name*,

Our relationship wasn’t began with the usual “Aku suka sama kamu, mau nggak jadi pacarku?” sentence. Ours began with an agreement that from this day forward, we would walk together, hand in hand trying our best to keep each other’s sanity in place until we tie the knot in a higher level of relationship. Well, who knows that after a year of that awkward and unusual beginning we’re still together, still madly in love, and sometimes still want to crumble each other into pieces due to ‘gemes’??

Thank you for making my horrible days bearable with those silly faces and ‘cilukba’. I am sorry that I ain’t perfect. Most of the time I’m still that vicious and rude girl who said those bitchy words to you. Thank you for eating whatever it is I’m trying to cook. I’m not a fancy cook, because my intention in cooking is one: SURVIVAL. Also, thank you for the smile whenever I’m trying to cook something for you..

Thank you for tickling me and let me snuggling in your armpit. For telling me lessons of life. For letting me explore this world. For letting me be my own self. For… For so many things that you have done and the good things that you would do to me.

Stay culun, my dear pacarcina. That’s the kind of relationship that suits us the most. Never stop teasing and bullying me, I feel loved and I will do the same to you happily. I love you dear, like I always did, and I will always do. In good times and bad times.


Your clumsy girl.


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