bad time

Dropping off my mother at the meeting point cause she’s attending some sort of reunion tonight with her univ friends. After that, I just drove around the town. Yea, just me and Xenoir, my car.

It felt like hell, driving in this town on Saturday night. God please show some mercy to my knees. My car has manual transmission and it really has no luck with traffic jam. Zzzz.. But I managed to drive safely, with LOUD musics from my phone, and my tone-deaf voice. I guess I was screaming instead of singing. LOL.

Despite the knee-murdering session tonight, I still love this manual transmission car. Think I am a masochist, after all. Heheh.

Well, I guess driving will always be my sanctuary. I know it’s dangerous when I drove the car with heavy minds. But being a part of the traffic made me… Idk… maybe driving just brought me my inner peace. LOL. What am I talking about here?

Sorry for the rambling tonight. Blame my female hormones, please. 😀


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