So today isn’t that nice, actually. I started this week a bit lazy and no good feeling at all. Even when I arrived at the office I still felt sleepy and annoyed all the time.

On lunchtime I watched an old episode of Undercover Boss on TV. It’s about Joel Manby. Just google him and instantly in love with him. He’s the CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment and the way he leads the company is…. Idk how to explain in words. He’s simply adorable. I wish every boss in this world hold the same values as him. Worklife would be much more convenient. 🙂

Then all of a sudden my ‘anak dudul’ texted me from Sydney! Woohoooo she got a new number but when I asked her the new number, she *as predicted* told me that she hasn’t memorized her number yet. LOL. That’s okay, I know you too well I don’t expect you would remember your own number! Hahahahaha..

After I told her a silly incident happened at the office today, she’s a bit shocked and said,

Eh? Koq msh kerja? Km lembur??


There’s a 3 hours difference between your place and mine, girl. Again, since I know you too well I think I’d get used to it. LOL.

Okay, there’s still 1,5 hours left before I could go home. I’d better be patient. *sigh*


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