L’Arc-en-Ciel World Tour 2012 CGK from my point of view

Finally, after 8 years of waiting, last night I get to see L’Arc-en-Ciel on Lapangan D Senayan.

Went there with Mbee and Mbak Arie, first we had some lunch at fX then we bought some drinks for Mbee’s friends who already arrived there. We had chit chat while waiting for Gate 1 to be opened. Was a bit upset because we bought VIP ticket but no special line for us to queue. Grr..

Gate 1 finally opened around 4.30 PM, we went straight to queue (AGAIN) on Gate 2. Bought some drinks and food. Yikes, they were so expensive. If it’s not for Laruku I wouldn’t want to be there! -_-”

After Gate 2 was opened around 6.00 PM, we went inside the venue and sit down together. Made some noise while laughing at those people at Premium Area. Ha! Thank God Mbee insisted to buy the VIP Ticket because around Sunday the promotor gave announcement that VIP Area would be separated totally from the Premium Area. Gotcha. I’m happy. ๐Ÿ˜€

While waiting for 8 PM, Mbee’s friend shared each other’s “story”, including Mbee’s. At first I sensed that they’re quite worry that I would be mad when I heard his Anata story. But it happened that I was the one who teased him using the story. Mbak Arie told them that “Pacar yang ini mah gak ngambekan!” Hehe.. Peace, dear! You’re going to bully me anyway with Onye later. #kongsipacardanmantan

At 8 PM sharp, lights were off. Then the super big screen which we thought was another ordinary backdrop started to show some images. Aaaaaand let the show begin!

Some notes from me during the show:

  1. They are veeery awesome! Hyde, Tetsu, and Ken kept moving and dancing all around. Me likey! Yukihiro? He kept showing his skill behind his drum set. I kept wondering how those men could be so energic. They’re not that young anymore, for heaven’s sake! And I feel like listening to Hyde singing in the CD. His voice is close to perfect. If I don’t know LAruku, I would’ve thought that he did lipsync. LOL.
  2. I reaaaally love Hyde’s eye make up. His eyeliner which stayed the same though he sweated, shed some tears, and so on. What’s the brand, eh? Is it MAC? Bobbi Brown? L’Oreal? *super curious*
  3. They were so cute, speaking in Indonesia. Hyde with his sweet naughty but beautiful and tempting smile. Not to mentioned he winked while singing the song “X X X”
  4. Ken! Oh God. Ken! He spoke in Indonesia quite fluently and he made some jokes. Gave Hyde some gifts he bought at Pasaraya: Wayang Orang, Pulpen Wayang, Suling, and so on. Hyde tried to play suling but he failed. Oh they’re so cuuuuute! *die*
    Ken kept saying “Mantab” when he MC-ing. “Man Man Man.. Tab Tab Tab” became the keyword for yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. Tetsu.. What can I say? Again with his banana. At first he said, “GUA.. SUJU.. DARI KOREA” then “APAKAH KAMU MAU PISANG GUA??” Oh God.. I’m flying to seventh heaven. I want his banana water cannon. ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Best part #1 was when Ken did solo guitar and everyone around me was confused about what’s the next song. I told them that in Okinawa, Ken played this intro before they played My Heart Draws A Dream. And I was right. Kyaaaaa! Me holding hands with Mbee during this song because it’s our song. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Then, best part #2, on Anata. Mbee hugged me tight and sang the song for me. I teased him at first, but the way he sang the song, the virtual rain drops on the big screen, and the real rain drops made this moment was quite magical and romantic. :’)
    If before the show I told him it would be really romantic if someone propose his girlfriend during the show, I rolled back those words! Anata and My Heart Draws A Dream was my magical and romantic moment with him. #daninibukankodesamasekali
  8. They played some old songs, probably considering this is the first time they visit Jakarta. They didn’t play Blurry Eyes, but it’s okay for me. I’m happy and feeling content. ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. The last song was Niji, and Hyde said that they’s going to come back to Jakarta. Kyaaaaaaaaa! I. Am. Hyperventilating. *die*

I am really happy. It was the best night in my life. Introduced to new friends which I got along quite easily, enjoying the show, and went homeย with ‘encok’ in my whole body. I can barely walk straight this morning when I’m awake from my sleep. Haha..

Thank you L’Arc-en-Ciel!

Thank you the super mantab pawang hujan who made the rain only dropped during Anata!

Thank you Mbee, Mbak Arie, Amakusa, and the others for making my night awesome and super enjoyable. Nice to meet you guys! *dan hari ini langsungย pada rusuh berjamaah di Twitter. LOL*

I’m going to leave you with some pics from yesterday. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hyde shed some tears during the song Forbidden Lover, if I’m not mistaken. ๐Ÿ™‚

TETSUYA AAAAAAAKKKK! *ini orang charming-nya gak santai*

He. Zipped. Open. His. Pants. *die*

with my loved ones ๐Ÿ™‚

kentjan paling romantis. ๐Ÿ™‚

And now, I had only one plan left for 2012. What is that? Not going to tell you now. ๐Ÿ˜€

Night night, friends! *brb liat foto2 kemaren* *mimisan liat LAruku-nya* *mendadak lupa punya pacar* *pingsan* *kemudian die untuk kesekian kalinya*


2 thoughts on “L’Arc-en-Ciel World Tour 2012 CGK from my point of view

  1. Kayaknya seru banget ya Chie, konser laruku-nya. Sumpah aku ga tau laruku, tapi sering denger aja orang-orang pada ngefans. Kalo ngeliat pertunjukan yang kita senangi, emang bahagianya suka kebawa-bawa sampai mimpi tuh, hahahaha. Kayak aku, tiap kali liat konser musik klasik dan teater musikal atau dulu di Indonesia, liat teater Koma, pasti malemnya kebayang terus. Bisa bayangin bahagianya, serunya, kebayang-bayang terusnya Achie sama Laruku. Turut senang, Chie!

    • iya Rouliiiii.. soalnya setelah nunggu 8 tahun akhirnya kesampaian juga nonton LAruku di Jakarta. ๐Ÿ˜€
      tapi masih pengen banget nonton LAruku konser di Jepang sih. hehe..

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