one best day here

So, yesterday was the best day I had since I worked here.

In the morning, me and my team gave a birthday surprise to one friend. The only man in our team. Haha.. We successfully made him pale and panic since we acted like 3 of us couldn’t come to the office. The only one friend left provoked him about things and got him panicked. Happy 28 dear Mas Abang Tessa Martessa Oy Oy! Semoga lekas menemukan jodohmu. Ciyee yang kemaren didatengin 2 cewe diselametin ulang tahun. Ihiiiyy! πŸ˜€

Then after lunch, there was a fire drill session in the building. Cute, they use the real firefighter and ambulance and a police car also real smoke. But I still can’t forget the fire drill in my previous office when my Director tried his best to looked panic by saying, “I saw the smoke! It’s the real fire!” Yea rite Patrick, we belieeeeve in youuuuu! LOL.
Acting as a good leader he is, he was the last to stay at the room, making sure that all of us were wearing our helmet, heading to the emergency exit and then he closed the door and walk with us. I miss you, Patrick.. :’)

Went to Depok after office, I met my sizzie! Mwah! :*
We talked about many things, about Mbee’s past also. And she said, “Gak behave dia itu.. Dimanisin malah cemberut. Gimana gue sama nyokap mau suka?? Kalo dipaksain juga si Cuncun gak bakalan kuat. Kelakuannya kayak begitu.”
Ahem. Gue gak provok doi loh. Dari dulu juga omongannya sama. Boleh dicekcekricek kalo berani. Haha..

Terus makan sebentar di Takor dan pulang deh. Cobaaaa ya cobaaaa tiap hari kayak begini. Betah deh gue. πŸ˜€


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