dear my Maishkash,

I should’ve held a hen night for you, but since life is pretty s**t, we just can’t do that. Haha..

Thank you for being there for me during your not-so-in-a-relationshit days, letting me be a mosquito once in his car, for letting him always reply my text messages *ha! I know you’re jealous. LOL.*, and for those craziness we had when marriage is so far away from us. :’D
Promise me that you’ll be a good wife for him, be his last and vice versa. Enjoy your last night being a single lady.

See you tomorrow. I’ll be there no matter what. I promise you.

*siapin stok tisyu. dijamin gue akan nangis bombay besok*

P.S. I’ll still be there for you. I’m just a phone call/PING away. Me love you, gadis cina dodol.. :’)

Sent from Achie’s black gemstone. 😉


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