menunggu si keputusan

Bipolar banget gue. Hati hangat karena udah mengajukan hal itu. Hati deg2an karena menunggu hasilnya.


Think I’m going to ‘ngomel2’ in private posting instead of doing it here and get some legal issues. EEEEVENTHOOOOOUGH I wouldn’t mention any names. Sucks.

Just hang on, chie. Hang on.

Peduli amat. I’m going to take my ass off of this chair on 4.30 PM straight and walk happily to meet my boyfriend. I got a date and a private lesson on Business Plan with him. This is a long weekend and I won’t give any single f**k to respond any e-mail, bbm, text message, or phonecalls related to work.

Dan barusan si kepala nyut2an lagi. Sudah hari keempat begini terus ganti2an kanan kiri. Same thing happened ketika SOPP gak kelar2. Bedanya, itu di bulan keempat. Ini bulan kedua juga belom kelar.

Ini pertanda.. Butuh pacaran. 😀

See you soon this afternoon, baby! Semoga kita gak ketiduran lagi di ruang tamu. Hehe..



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