surrounded by love ♥



So that’s my birthday presents. Not that many, you can see. But who needs that many presents if they don’t represent the giver’s love? *kecup yg ngasih satu2*

Sooooo, Cha gave me an X-Mini speaker! Yeaaaay! Danke babyyyyy.. *spank*

Mamak gave me a blouse and the color is soooo cute! It fits me well and I like it so much. Thank you mamak.. *kecup*

Mba Pepz my manager gave me White Musk body mist and a gift package of The Body Shop! Danke mbaaaaaa, you know that I looooove White Musk that much. *kecupbasah*

And that one, oh that one is my favorite! A smurf t-shirt from Mbee! Mbee aku suka suka sukaaaaaa banget kaosnya. Terima kasih banyak juga untuk Aa’ Sherlock *sok akrab amat gue* dan dinner-nya.. :*

Last but not least, see that thing with my picture on? That’s a.. Heck, I don’t know the name. Haha.. But it consists of thank you greetings from my lovely S&P and MIT fellas. I’m so surprised though I couldn’t make it to the dinner. Thank you, guys, for making my days in this company colorful..
And thank you for the birthday wishes. Semoga doa2nya juga berbalik pada yang mendoakan. Many happy returns.. :’)

Btw itu ngapain ada paper bag kantor gue pajang2?? Doh! -___-”

Sent from Achie’s black gemstone. 😉


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