a worker’s melancholy

I used to think that Cha’s being overreacted to her job’s busy schedule. But now that I’m in the same company, same directorate, same department with her, I no longer think that she’s overreacting.

Have you ever understand how does it feel to beg God to make a day last more than 24 hours? And to add one more day on weekend?

I’m not a workaholic. I always try to find a way to get out of the office before 6 PM. But I rarely go straight home. Most of the time, I go out with my boyfriend just to have a short quality time. Have a dinner, then go home. Or even worse, once we fell asleep in my living room. yes, both of us! *sigh*

To say that we’re that busy, not really, actually. It’s just I’m a newcomer and I need to adapt fast with tons of workload. I’m still searching for my working pace. My working style. And having a demanding boss sometimes doesn’t help. I feel like I could never do anything right. Well she’s fun, my boss is. But later I found out that we don’t share the same value in working: achievement. I tend to love every single step in working. Slowly but sure. She wants to achieve more and more quickly. Just don’t match, right? *sigh*

Above it all, I do miss my family. I go home everyday only to sleep and go back to the office early in the morning. I also miss my boyfriend and going out just to watch some movies with him. It’s just that both of us are too tired to do that.

The only thing that keeps a bit of my sanity in place is that I do this to secure my future. To have some in my bank account for.. Idk, to buy a car for myself? To pursue a master degree? To go abroad for a holiday on my own? To get married? Idk.. I have so many things in mind right now..

I love my job, I should say. But as my boss always say, there’s no such a free lunch.
There’s always consequences in every thing I do. Maybe I’m just not mature enough I just can’t let this personal life go. Or is it a sign that I’m adapting myself for a higher level in life?

Oh God, I’m questioning too much 😦

Now I understand why Cha no longer have time to go out of the office. Even our quality time happens in office hours! 😦

Guess this is a signal that I have to be a professional juggler. I’m a part time daughter right now to my parents. Part time girlfriend. Only a full time worker. *sigh*

Gotta go! Got many things to do. Before that, going to text my boyfriend first, just to say I miss him..

Sent from Achie’s black gemstone. πŸ˜‰


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