on friendship

“Champagne for my real friends, shame and pain for a real ass.”

Well, real friends would always stand for you for whatever you are. They would always let you take baby steps and make mistakes. But they would be ready with a wide net to catch you when you fall down. They would wrap you in a bubbly love and support. No prejudice, no judgement. You are who you are to them, no matter how many sins you’ve made.

If you ever lose one friend, reconsider the word lose. Maybe they just don’t deserve to be your friend. Cause real friends, they are rare to find, and hard to let go.

Like my bestfriends said, “Once you get in, you’ll never get out.”

Oh, and real friends don’t get chewed up on some shits people spread over you. They might have their own opinion toward you. But a hug is always ready to be given.

Since I’m not an expert on friendship, let’s cut it short. I thanked God for sending me amazing people who stays quiet at the right time, but always blabb-y when they know that they need to.

Cheers on our friendship. πŸ™‚

Sent from Achie’s black gemstone. πŸ˜‰


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