last year and today

Exactly one year ago, I fell for someone and left another person to chase my own freedom in love. No regret. I thanked them both. Though one of them had hurted me so bad.

Now that one year is passed, I feel more mature yet alive.
This morning, something came across my mind: if God ever let me stay with someone, then he’s the best I could have. But God always have unexpected ways to show which road to take, which decision to make.

To my dearest bestfriend out there, love life sucks. We already know that since 6 years ago. Don’t know what the hell your problem is. But if she’s meant to be yours, then she is. But if she’s not, there are still so many bigger and better fishes in the sea.

Love you Onye.. Hugs. 🙂

Sent from Achie’s black gemstone. 😉


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