Was rambling over my facebook’s news feed just now and stumbled upon a link from The Jakarta Globe. About motorcyclist. Interesting. I knew a quite lot of motorcyclists, some of them are good enough in driving their motorcycles *poke someone*, but some are just -sorry- shitty enough and makes me want to hit their head with their own helmet *poke my ex bf who needs to be trained on how to behave while driving a motorcycle. Lol*.

This article below really caught my attention. Makes me think yet burst in laughter. Oh my, just enjoy reading! :’D

P.S. You can visit the article here »

The Bitter Truth: Motorcyclists, I Hate You
Tasa Nugraza Barley | July 24, 2011

On the whole, Jakartans are nice people. But somehow, they turn into monsters once they hit the roads.

Most people will agree that angkot (public minivan) and Metromini bus drivers are the worst. There’s no point complaining about them. Unless the police have the courage to be stricter with them or God suddenly loses his patience with them, they are never going to change.

I have decided to implement an extra-patience policy in dealing with bus drivers. It is the capital’s motorcyclists I cannot stand.

Knowing that I’d get beaten up if I said this out loud on the streets, I choose to do it here. On behalf of millions of car owners and pedestrians, what I want all you motorcyclists to know is: I hate you! 

I can’t tell if you are really late for a meeting or you simply need to go to the bathroom, but it’s very clear to me that you respect every single second of your time. This could be a good thing, but it’s not something you should prioritize ahead of other people’s safety.

When I try to make a U-turn, all you need to do is stop and wait until I’m finished. But instead, you always keep forcing your bikes forward. Perhaps you have been watching too much Grand Prix motorcycle racing on TV? 

And when you’re coming out of an alleyway, you should check to make sure that the road is clear before entering it. Somehow, you guys can’t seem to perform this very simple procedure. It’s as if your motorcycles don’t have brakes.  
I don’t know what the traffic lights have done to offend you, but I can tell that you hate them nearly as much as I hate you.

I think you should try asking an elementary school student what it means when a traffic light turns red or green. I’m sure even they would be able to explain to you that it is very dangerous to speed up through an intersection when the light is red.  

I’d also like to let you know that the assumed rule that you can still turn left when the light is red does not apply at every single intersection. When the left arrow turns red, it means you have to wait until it becomes yellow or green. So don’t honk at me like I’m deaf when I decide to obey the signal.  

It is obvious that you don’t appreciate the rights of pedestrians. When the traffic light is red, you should politely stop in front of the crosswalk — in case you haven’t figured it out, this space is meant for people to cross the street. 

And just because you’re frustrated by the traffic doesn’t give you the right to take over the sidewalks, leaving pedestrians with nowhere to walk at all. That is totally insane.

And as someone whose car is riddled with dents, I would ask you to keep in mind that it is not cool to hit another person’s car from behind and then leave. Don’t think that your apologetic hand gesture makes things any better.

I also wonder why you think you can do circus tricks while zipping around on two wheels, like dangerously balancing things all over your bike, or playing around with your phone while you’re driving. If you think that you’re that good, I suggest you make a deal with magicians like Deddy Corbuzier or Romy Rafael. 

I know that some of you who read this will probably be motorcyclists cursing my name right now. But before you blame me for my attitude, you should note that the cops feel the same way.

Last week, the Jakarta Police announced that motorcyclists dominated the list of offenders during Operasi Patuh Jaya (Operation Compliance), the name of a recent crackdown on traffic violations. Just three days after the program started, motorcycles had already accounted for 69 percent of more than 10,000 recorded traffic violations. 

Police said the most common violations were motorcyclists riding on the wrong side of the traffic, not wearing helmets and ignoring traffic lights and street signs. 

It may sound extreme, but I believe that the number of motorcycles allowed on the roads should be limited. To make it fair, the number of cars should be reduced too. 

If the administration can’t do it, just like many other good ideas they’re somehow unable to do, someone must teach these motorcyclists how to behave on the streets. Another solution would be to put stickers in every corner of the city saying: “No more motorcycles — I want to live.”

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