fall, then rise :’)

we won’t make our dreams come true if we just whine and sit still. we’ve got to stand up. think. work hard. and appreciate any support and help we received. never judge the result. enjoy the process. cause failure is always be the reason to try harder and be better. sure failure brings gloominess to us and the days seem to be stormy and hard and mean and whatever bad words you could find in the dictionary. but cheers! that way we’ll perceive our life as fun. no matter how hard our days are.

cover the ears with musics. be deaf for a moment. grab a bar of 70% dark chocolate -or any food you like- and cherish every moment. as for me, good food always brings a good company through the hardest days.

P.S. to you, yes you. thank you for always be there. you let me fall sometimes. but you helped me rise again. i would never be who i am today if you weren’t there for me. :’)

P.S. again. mind my horrible grammar, please? 😀

another P.S. i would definitely stop by to buy some pempek palembang just to make me happy. 😉


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