this is what i called “mind reader”


Situasi: abis beli flat shoes. Gue masih nyari high heels. Niatan pengen nyeret si emak ke charles & keith.

Emak: mbak, nanti mampir CnK dulu ya. Ibu pengen liat2 flat shoes.
Gue: *doenggggg!* lah, baru mau diajak mampir ke sono!
Emak + gue: *cekakakan*


Situasi: di telepon. Gue pengen nonton di bioskop aja.

Gue: eh pengen nonton deh mas. Something borrowed. Yuk?
Him: huahahahahahahahahahaha..
Gue: lah, kok ketawa?
Him: huahahahahahahahaha baru mau ngajak kamu nonton itu, de!
Gue: *ikutan ketawa* apa2an lah kita ini??

Sometimes the three of us could read each other’s mind. And yes, I am their psychic girl who could never decide what to eat when it comes to meal time. Lol.

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