remembering the moment…

Ketika gue keluar dari ruang sidang, sudah dinyatakan lulus.

I was so glad to see my loved ones there. My mom, my bestfriends, nyamuk, and to make ‘best thing’ got better, mbak arie was there, too. :’)

Gak pernah berharap aja akan ada dia di situ. But it really surprised me to see her there, waiting for me. Terharu bgt dia nyempetin dateng ke tempat gue.

I never had a sister before, not even someone I could call ‘sister’. Now that I have one, I’d never let her go out of my life. :’)

I wuf you, kakaknyaaaaa.. *kisses*

*tulisan galau pagi2 yg dipicu kemunculan foto2 pasca sidang psikojoy di facebook*

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