considering i have GAD, feeling anxious is normal. lol.

i’ve been missing good quality of sleeping lately. so last night, for the first time in three months since i started dating mas S, i went home feeling dizzy. i had nothing to do last night. submitted mas S yesterday afternoon and i have 12 days before that day. i knooow i have to prepare my presentation. i have asked Icha to sent me her presentation but heck, i need some rest.

my mood changed rapidly last night. for some minutes i feel grateful that finally i finished mas S. but for some other minutes, i feel lonely without him. he’s been quite a company to my seems-like-endless nights.

well, i have read Icha’s presentation this morning on my way to work, and i’m going to start making mine this evening. heheh..
by the way i’m going out tomorrow on a date. FINALLY! my first date without mas S’s shadow interrupting my mind. lmao. don’t know where we’re going tomorrow. but yeah, i don’t care. i just want to enjoy my moments with this man.

hoahm.. feeling so sleepy and i guess i’m going to watch another movie here. ihik ihik. πŸ˜€

catch up with you later! πŸ˜‰


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