smart phone.

What’s the point of having a smartphone?

I was a Nokia Business Series user, as most of you already know. It’s an E63. Well, it’s more than enough to handle my assignments and workloads. Like a mini personal computer. The only thing Noey *my E63* doesn’t have is a 24/7 internet connection and messenger applications to connect with my loved ones. That’s why after contemplating again and again, I decided to buy a BlackBerry. I was hoping that this device would help me doing my daily things: final assignment, working, blogging, chatting, browsing, plurking.

There’s no such a perfect device, we all must say. I was disappointed when I discover that the “doc to go” application doesn’t work perfectly. I have to upgrade to the premium version to access some features. My BlackBerry doesn’t even have a pdf reader application. Sigh.


I was almost regretting my decision to buy this expensive device. Things got worse when my dad bought Nokia E7, the newest communicator from Nokia. Since I’ve been using Nokia since I was 12 years old, I envy my dad so much! Though I could never afford to buy that super cool Nokia E7. :p

It was my mom whom reminded me to accept the fate that I need an extra effort to make this device a ‘real’ smart phone. So I started installing things I need to make this device ‘smarter’. I installed wordpress for BlackBerry, dropbox for BlackBerry, linkedin for BlackBerry, Whatsapp, and Googlemaps.

But how would I read those journals I put in dropbox if I don’t have a pdf reader application installed in my phone??

Then all of a sudden, Edina gave me a sweet solution for my problem. Now, the “doc to go” application in my phone is no longer sucks. Now I have the premium version. (evilsmirk) I even installed the “pdf to go” application since I have the premium version of “doc to go”. Just now, I opened one of those journals and it worked! Super yay! Now my phone is totally smart. 🙂

Well, answering the question above: what’s the point of having a smartphone?

It’s like bringing a personal assistant, which could transform into a mini personal computer, which could entertain me, could take some photos, could show me which way to go when I get lost, to get information, and to connect with my loved ones.

Now that my BlackBerry is smart enough, I won’t ask for more. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “smart phone.

  1. wahihik.. berarti nanti gue bisa tanya2 sama lo yah buat ugrade aplikasi bb baru (yang belum juga datang itu) 😀

    btw, E7 AAAAKKKKKKK E7 gila gue sampe deg2an loh waktu itu ke gerai nokia truss dikasih liat itu hape. Pas mewek sama pacar, dia bilang “ya udah nggak usah pake hape dulu aja ya sampe mampu beli-nya” mwahahahaha…

    *perempuan macam apa sih gue ini?* bwahaha.. 😀

    • Pas tau bokap beli E7 gue biasa aja. Begitu liat barangnya, AAAAAAAAAAAAA..!! *kalap*

      Asik2.. Nanti kita oprek bareng yaaa si BB ini! Ihiy.. 😀

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