thank God, that was so close.

this morning, i was walking to PPSP, my newest ‘office’, where i work as.. um.. tukang jaga warnet? lol. no. i’m kidding. lately i’m working as an e-learning assistant here. but i’m not going to talk about my new job. seriously.

umm.. maybe a little. well, i always pick the morning shifts, since i’m a morning person. i don’t know why but i got the feeling that today’s not going to be a very good day. since last night, i felt so laaaazy to go to work today. but still, i woke up early, cooked chicken teriyaki for my lunch, took a bath, and went straight to campus.

this morning, as usual i took the yellow bus to FIB, then i walked to PPSP. nothing’s wrong, only the sun shines so bright this morning. i prefer cloudy days, actually. guess i have a bit vampire genes inside me. oh i miss those cloudy days. πŸ˜€

after i got out of FIB, i have to walk for about 20-30 meters to reach PPSP’s backyard. it was quiet, as always, only several motorcycles passing by. i crossed the street calmly, still listening to songs from my cellphone. then it happened.

one motorcycle suddenly came, probably 20 km/h. the rider stretched his right hand out toward me. trying to grab my boobs. shit. luckily i was holding my lunch box in front on my chest, so he only caught my right upper arm and squeeze it quite hard. then he left with full speed. i was so shocked i couldn’t say any words for 2 seconds, then i yelled, “anjing lo!” i know my words are rude. but i can’t help it. oh dear God, could you please forgive me for cursing him to have a bad future of his sexual life? ewwh. i’m so angry and frustrated. if i ever meet him in the future, i’m sure to give him my famous signature move: toyor pake teflon sampe semaput!

i was shaking from the shock. i texted carelessboy and tried to call him 3 times but no answer. then i called his other number, he’s already at work and he left his BB at home *eyesrolling*. i was panic. shock. afraid. and i still have to walk out of this building alone this afternoon when my shift’s over. oh man. can i just open the door and arrive at psiko? 😦

when i called carelessboy, he just soothed me, tried to make me calm. not bad. at least no more shaking. oh man, thank God you’re there, dear. :’)

humh. now my right upper arm feels so sore. it hurts and that person’s finger left a reddish mark on my arm. wew. next time probably i’ll take the bicycle. at least no motorcycle on the bike’s path. haha..

but still, thank God he could only grabbed my arm. that was so close. so close. that close. pffft..


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