rambling about anything.

spending my afternoon making another portion of instant mac and cheese. euh. dunno why i’m craving for this food so much. on monday, me ate mac and cheese as a side dish at Kenny Roger’s Roasters when i was at PI with Icha. on tuesday, i ate this food again as my breakfast. and today, i’m eating it (AGAIN) as my dinner.

i knooooow i’m eating like a pig lately. i just can’t help myself when i was looking at the huge mirror at Max Mara. i looked so sad and thin and skinny. though i still see myself as a fat woman. bleh. but seriously. i lost a little part of my cheeks. my eyes also don’t shine naughtily anymore. and oh, blush on and eye shadow doesn’t help. seriously. me need help.

i miss my bestfriends. i miss their bear-y hug without asking what the hell happened to me. i miss their silent hugs. i miss them. so much.

well, today i went to Depok to meet my polar bear brother, Andra. luckily, i met Dian, too. such a coincidence. lol. then we talked about quite many stuffs. we met one of our lecturer, eating kacang Bali and asinan mangga at her office room. gossiping. laughing. teasing each other. then i went to Andra’s kosan. hugs. talks. even i fell asleep in his room! lmao.

oh. don’t forget about me visiting Icha’s kiddos at Dexon’s kosan. they looked a bit pathetic. probably they miss their mother so much. i talked a little to them. telling them that their momma is busy working to buy their ‘milk’ (fertilizer. lol.) and all of a sudden the wind was blowing and they looked like nodding. when i left them, i said that i’m not okay so i won’t make the ambience more pathetic. i’m leaving and i promise to visit them again the next time i’m at Depok. guess i fell in love with them.

pfft. so tired today. guess i’m just going to watch some movies while finishing my project. have a nice evening, peeps! πŸ™‚


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