love another one (baca: skripsi)

my partner in crime sent me this on my Y!M:

1st technique in Love: “Love one another”. And if it doesn’t work, just swap the last two words: “Love another one”. Lol

gue cuma bisa me-reply:

azegh quote-nya. hahahaha

but actually, that quote she sent made me think of my pathetic love life lately.

maybe i should consider that quote. since “love one another” doesn’t suit my love life anymore, maybe i should “love another one”. but, hey, wouldn’t it be such a rebound? bleh. riweuh urusan cinta2an begini. 😦

eh tapi kan ya ya ya, gue sudah menemukan si another one-nya itu. tak lain dan tak bukan adalah si mas S, skripsi gue tercintah tea. euh, ganteng banget emang si mas ini. saking gantengnya dia bikin gue gak bisa tidur kemaren malem. resah dan gelisah gitu ceritanya. lmao.

udah ah, gue nerusin latar belakang lagi. *setres abis ngerombak ulang latar belakangnya. zzz*


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