gue pasti bisa menyelesaikan proposal ini, dan menyelesaikan skripsi ini nantinya.


i’m going to do this on my own. i’m not going to depend on anyone else when i’m working on this sweetest shit. not my friends, not my bestfriends, not even my boyfriend *if i’m lucky enough to have one this semester. lol*

okay. now, all i have to do is close this browser, open my windows explorer, go to my dropbox folder, and open my proposal file.

disconnecting the internet might be good. go give it a try. not interested? okay fine. maybe i could sign out of my Y!M. hmm.. still not an interesting option? okay. just appear offline then. that’s the best solution.

and don’t turn your media player on! what’s with those ‘curcol’ songs. no you don’t ever dare to try, greedy girl! just work on your proposal. NOW.

i think i must publish this entry as soon as possible. lol.


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