Andrina Ratri Paramita, Nanda Marifani Sani, and Andra Maulana


  1. Nabila Dian Nirmala
  2. Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya Lie
  3. Kania Dea Paramita
  4. Muhammad Thaufik Furqan

to our hilarously amazing birthday bash.


  1. dinner at Lele Lela Margonda
  2. spend some hours at NAV Margo City
  3. taking a lot of pictures
  4. sleepover
  5. a lot of hugs and kisses

be there on 7 PM sharp.
don’t be late.
‘sexy outfit’ are allowed. *seksi konsumsi gituh maksudnya. apa seksi repot*

tiada kesan tanpa kehadiranmu. kecups!

P.S. since this is a private party with limited space and F&Bs, please let us know if you want to bring your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/sister/brother/mother/father/neighbor/grandma/grandpa/in-laws to the party.
enemies aren’t allowed. lol.


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