keeping my promise #1

2 days ago, i met a friend of mine. sounds just like an ordinary thing happened everyday, right?

it’s her birthday. still ordinary. we could just bumped into a birthday friend everyday. lol.

i promised her that i would write about her birthday here. πŸ˜€

Dear Namyun,

happy birthday. life’s a mess lately in psychology, right? what’s with kualitatif-pelatihan-konseling-neuro-pensos-psikodiagnostik etcetera. but sure you could get through them. lol.

but still, a birthday is a birth day. just.. smile. and laugh. and be happy. and feel all the positive feelings.

*damn gue ga tau mau nulis apa gue baru bangun tidur ini. hahaha*

well, have a great birthday then. enjoy your ‘usia bioskop’. believe me, being 21 is amazingly fun! may Allah bless you with all happiness and all the best things in the world..

last but not least, welcome to adulthood. πŸ˜€

best regards,



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