bracelet project #2

so, in the middle of yesterday’s freakiness, i managed to finish bracelet #1. and now i’m starting #2. i’m going to let him choose after all. whichever he doesn’t really like, would be mine. haha.. *teuteup*

i really have to manage my mood in doing artsy things like this. i still have unfinished bracelet somewhere. doh. i have to finish it soon! as soon as this bracelet project done. by the way, that unfinished bracelet has.. er.. odd colors. i put pink and green together. i hope it would be cute when it’s done. hihi..

oh, no pics for now. i’m going to let him see his bracelet first, then i’ll upload the pics. maybe along with my own bracelets pics. pan gue anaknya suka pamer yeuh, jadi mau kasih liat aje. 😀

i don’t understand my qualitative assignment. besides i didn’t come last week due to that annoying illness, i simply don’t understand. i’ve read and re-read the book last night, but still i’m confused. maybe i should do the only thing that helps: ngemeng wae lah chie! 😀


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