bracelet project #1

heuh. it’s been ages since the last time i peeked into my box of threads. terakhir bikin gelang it was around january. *apa sih labil banget penggunaan bahasa gue. sabodo teuing lah ya. pada ngerti kan? haha gue nyebelin.*

so, mas Kepo baru menyadari bahwa gue suka pake gelang which i made on my own. terus dia minta dibikinin. warna biru sama abu2. it was last week. this morning i found out that i only have dark gray color which fits perfectly with another darker gray and black, like my own bracelet. but this gray, and with so many blue colors i have, i don’t think they match well. mau belanja dulu gak boleh sama mas Kepo. suruh bikin pake yang ada aja.

duh. sweetheart, ampuni pacarmu yang kelewatan perfeksionisnya ini. when i’m braiding threads to make bracelet for myself, i want to do it perfectly. gue bahkan bisa membongkar gelang yang udah setengah jadi just because keliatan ada yang ikatannya kurang kenceng. apalagi bikinin orang? must be very careful and perfect.

have a nice time waiting, dear. i need to contemplate to make this bracelet. sure it’s much easier to cook than choosing colors. but still, i love creating something. it’s like a free therapy for me. haha.. i’m cheap. πŸ˜€


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