♥ #1

“I got a crush on you, I hope you feel the way that I do..”

(Crush ~ Mandy Moore)

It’s been about two months since I really met you.
And it’s been a month since I spent a week with you.
A total quality time, considering we share the same room from 8 to 3 each day,
breathe the same air, and feel the same breeze from the air conditioner.

I still remember vividly the first time you touch me.
It was my fingers.
You wrote each letter of your name on my finger.
Got so pissed off, I grabbed your hand, trying to do the exact same thing.

The result? Failed.
All I got was an eye-to-eye contact with you.
My heart beats faster, I even forgot that I was still holding your fingers.
Embarrassed, I dropped them.

In that 1 heavenly second,
I realized that I am in love with you..


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