day 3.

he’s coming home today. yay! 🙂

kemarin malam gue ngobrol agak serius sama mas Kepo. as always, setiap habis ngobrol serius, i always think i need a day off or two from everything. haha.. bad habit, i know. but it’s always surprising and it’s not easy for me to accept those informations in a super flash of time. plus, this already short holiday is killing me! urgh. come thursday cooooome! i need to get my ass back into tight schedules, deadlines, and so on. hail deadlines!

so this morning he texted me, simply wanted to know what had happened to me. i was about to not reply his text, but he told me he’s going to drive a loooong way. oh man, how could i resist being silent to him, then? in fact, he’s irresistable. ha! guess i need to adapt faster to him..

i am very sorry for being so worry-able, mas Kepo. drive safely and get here in Jakarta soon. i’m waiting patiently here.. 🙂

nanda is sad today, her bebek is she-doesn’t-know-where-the-hell-he-is since last night. be patient, dear. this is the path you took. this is the kind of life you chose. i know, you didn’t choose to be in love with him. love chose you both. but yeah, there is always the risk for everything we do, right? just, be patient and be strong. i’ll give you a HUGE hug this thursday, ok? love you, little girl.. :’)


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