april 9th 2010

i happened to read this on her private blog. she wrote this for me months ago, after i cried in the middle of KAUP session at dian’s kosan.

I saw her cry..
yes, andrina is crying (again).. becoz of joko (again), about her relationship with him (again)..

I hate the moment I saw my friends cry..
it’s so heart-breaking..

ach, if you read this. sorry for being so subjective..

but, still, I can’t understand him.

is he really loves you?
I don’t understand love, either..
but I don’t understand the way he loves you more than love itself..

I just hope he treats you better..
it supposed to be two-way communication.
between you and him.
not just you, you, and you alone.
stop breaking your heart..
stop shedding your tears..
but loves you more than himself.
could he?

all the best for you, dear..
hug you.

chaa.. i’m not crying over that anymore. it’s a lovely note, you know. and yes, love is a two-way communication. i quit breaking my heart over the same man. i quit shedding my tears over the same story. thank you for staying by my side during those hard days. thank you for the hugs, the pats on my back, and so many things you did to me.

i’m writing my very own script of happy ending love story, cha.. this time, it must have a happy ending, whatever the ending is. and no, i’m not going to forget you. *kecupkedip*


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