based on age.

absen AGENT!
  1. Andra Maulana, thanks for calling me last night! listening to my ‘amburadul’ spoken words, listening to my blabbing, my fear. you are a great great great big brother.
  2. oy super beautiful cousin: Nabila Dian Nirmala! thanks for sharing a laughtime with me 2 days ago. for the super crunchy riddle. hahaha..
  3. Mariska Adeline Sukmajaya Lie, hh.. it’s a fate that my love story always dragging you into it. but this time, i’ll try my best. and ooooh, it’s embarrassing that he read our chat. grr.. wish i’m a psychic right now. 😥
  4. hey Nanda Marifani Sani, thanks for ‘omelannya’ this early morning. i know it’s not funny, but sometimes your short text worth so many things.
  5. Muhammad Thaufik Furqan my littlest brother, i lost my words. haha.. keep being nice, de..

and to someone *this is not based on age*, i want to know what is on your mind after reading my Y!M.. so many words i want to tell but i don’t know how. i’m no good at talking. just good at writing. hh.. ily, boy.


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