it’s not yet Ramadhan here :p

heyyaa.. forget to say happy fasting to all of you. hihi.. i myself haven’t start fasting yet, due to monthly illness. but i do hope i can start fasting soon! maybe on Sunday i’m going to start my very own version of Ramadhan. haha..

today i really had some fun in the IT-CML class. oh despite having to talk for 2,5 hours in front of the class and the students are in silent mode! gah. is it the fasting month or what? grr.. whatever.

but yeah, i did have lots of fun with my partners. we took a lot of photos, we talked about sooo many things, we bullied each other. ha. it’s much more fun than i thought before. 😀

uh oh, gotta get back to my internship report. *yes i know i’ve got to finish it soon but i don’t know why i’m still writing here and facebook-ing and y!m-ing and so on!*

see ya later! 😉


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