i named it hedonism ;)

me ♥ it!

i assume that all of you readers know that i love cooking and eating good food. heheh.

a few days ago, me and my mom were complaining about having no snack at home. so we raid the fridge and found a simple yet delicious thing: liquid non-dairy cream. so, the A-HA moment came and we decided to make chocolate pancake.

at first, we sliced a banana and the snack’s name became chocolate pancake topped with banana and whipped cream. yummy.. 😀

the next morning, there are a few leftover pancakes. considering i really love experimenting with my food, i put some orange marmalade jam on top of my pancake, as you can see in the picture above. unfortunately, it didn’t taste as good as i expected before. but hell yeah, i still like it, because i love the combination of chocolate and orange taste. strawberry jam could make it taste better, i think.

and the point of this post is.. nothing. just wanna share my latest snack. hehe..

P.S. having some liquid non-dairy cream in your fridge is somewhat useful. got no vanilla ice cream? whip this cream with your mixer and put it inside your freezer for a while. voila! you get the ice cream look a like thing. since it’s non-dairy, not too worry, girls. it won’t ruin your diet much. :p
you can also put a few drop of jamaican rum *or to me, as a moslem, a 0% alcohol rum* and some raisin after whipping your liquid cream. another voila! here comes your rum raisin whipped cream. so yummy..


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