rambling about univ

lately i’m in love with my university. i’m grateful to be one University of Indonesia student. not because it’s the best univ in Indonesia, like those people say. i don’t care much about it, just something to be proud of. oh well, i did care about it, once when i was in high school. i often dreamed to be a UI student, because it seems cool with that yellow jacket and the good feeling when i tell people about my univ.

but lately, as i enter my *hopefully* last year in univ, i don’t feel as proud and as good as before about being a UI student. i still love this huge and forest-y univ, but not because it’s UI. but because of some things i get to meet and see inside.

i really love to see my univ in the morning, as well as when it’s twilight. i love to see the view of the lakes, the forest, the fog in the morning, the chilly wind at night, the misty look after the rain, and sometimes, i get to see the rainbow which looks so beautiful when i see it from building H. i’m in love with these simple things.

and oh, i love Faculty of Psychology so much. the small area makes this fac so homey. it’s like a second home from me, and it’s my sanctuary, actually. i often made some runaway to my fac when i feel so bad at home. despite the fact that i have to buy food to eat when i’m there *nothing’s free but the wi-fi there*, i still love my fac.

after my internship *which made me so far away from my univ and fac* done, i got back to UI for some work. gosh, it feels like orgasm. hahah. okay, bad comparison. it just feels that good to enjoy the oh-so-hot sun rays in the middle of the day. it just feels that good to spend time doing nothing at my fac’s canteen. and of course it feels that good to see my AGENTS again. me miss every single thing about my life in UI.

this feeling then makes me think. if i really love being a univ student, does that mean i ain’t ready to leave UI?

uh oh..

there’s only one year left.

*sudden headache*


2 thoughts on “rambling about univ

  1. Berbanggalah pada almamater kita.

    Tapi jangan kelewat batas bangganya, karena kata orang, batas antara bangga dan sombong itu tipis. 😐

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