some good people passed away this week. i don’t know, is this week a good time to depart to that eternal life? well, we’d never know.

i lost a very nice teacher this week. a cousin of mine lost her bestfriend. and a bestfriend of mine just lost his grandfather.

dear God, please put them in your best place and just forgive their sins. they’re unforgettable to us, so please tell them about our love, about how much we love them and we’re going to miss them the very soon. please tell them to wait for us, dear God. let us reunite in your heaven..

to my dear teacher, tonight i’m still crying a bit when i think of you up there. i’m still crying when i remember your smile, your laugh, the way you stand in front of the class.. and i’m still crying when i think of your kindness. may God always bless your soul up there, sir. i promise i would make you proud down here. thank you for being such a very very very nice teacher.. :’)

yes, i’m grieving right now..


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