alhamdulillah.. :) *part one*

P.S. mind my bad grammar haha..

i learn a lot from people around me. i learn how to love, to hate, to forgive, to care, to share, to listen, to be patient, and maybe sometimes, to pretend that i’m deaf πŸ˜€

but today, i learn to say a HUGE thanks to God for everything He gave me and my family.

i must say that my parents are no rich people. they work hard to survive in this cruel world. but they always teach me and my little brother to remember God in every step we make. ever since i was a kid i didn’t always have whatever i wanted. toys, clothes, shoes, or other things kids used to asked from their parents.

i grew up as a naughty kid. i almost always feel jealousy of whatever my friends have. silly, eh? but that was something i do. asking God why i can’t have things like my friends, and so on, and on, and on.

things change a bit when my dad lost his job and started his own business. sometimes i think God loves to make some jokes that we, human, don’t understand His sense of humor. He took away my dad’s job, put an autism disorder inside my little brother, but He gave my family so many bliss after that. my mom left her job, and choose to work at home not so long after my dad started his on business *thank God*

a few years after that, everything seems like normal and nothing ‘stormy’ had happened before. i got my cellphone *it’s a postpaid! for a junior high school student, it’s amazing! haha*, then my dad buy our own brand new car *we used to have second-hand cars. heheh*, my parents could afford me a 5-days trip to taiwan for a student exchange meeting, and, i don’t know, there were so many good things happened i couldn’t remember each of them.

i remember when i told my dad that my old laptop broke. it’s literally broke. the back lid broke, so when i open the lid, there’s a sound like “crack.. crack..” ew.. the next day, my dad took me to a computer shop, and he told me to buy a new laptop. wow.. not something expensive or a very high-tech one, but enough for me to do my daily assignments *real assignments, playing simple games, taking pictures, editing photos, writing, etc* i was surprised.

and in the same year, i got my new cellphone. my dad did some pre-order in the shop as a birthday present for me, so i was the first person in my campus to own that cellphone πŸ™‚ he was about to buy me a blackberry, but i refused. i’m a nokia freak. besides, i’m not that internet addict, so i think a simple Eseries nokia is enough πŸ™‚

yea, my dad loves to give me little surprises. hehe..

and now, today, though sometimes i still love to moan and grumble and complain about my seem-to-be-always-imperfect life, i thank God so many times in a day for this life He gave me:

i have a very-nice-but-sometimes-annoying parents who paid my tuition fee, my kartuHALO billings, giving me cute clothes, buying me everything i need, giving me little surprises, teaching me good values, teaching me how to be a strong person, and for sticking together through the worst storm in our family. i love you mom, dad *pssst! they’re going to celebrate their 22nd anniversary this March! yippie! :)*

i have an annoying little brother whose eyelashes are soooooo curly! damn it, bro. i envy you for that! haha.. oh by the way, he can paint very good. i also envy him that. hihi.. i love yoooou!

i have my incredible fellas *dunno, am i your bestfriend? haha* who always there for me, though i’m not always there for them.. 😦 but your presence are such a gift God gave me πŸ™‚

i have someone , my archangel, well, i hope that we will last. er.. i love you. yes, i love you. πŸ™‚

well, to be continued, then πŸ™‚


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